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Minnesota Genealogical Society

Who we are

The Minnesota Genealogical Society, organized in 1969, is a 501(c)3 educational organization whose purpose is to:
  • Foster and increase interest in genealogy by providing an association for those interested in family, state, and local history.
  • Collect, preserve, and publish genealogical and historical records and information.
  • Hold meetings, classes, and workshops to educate members on current genealogy-related topics.
MGS achieves its mission through providing genealogical education and making genealogical resources available through the MGS Library and Research Center.
The goal of the Minnesota Genealogical Society (MGS) and its branches is to provide education on methods of genealogical research, social activities with other individuals with genealogy interests, and a place to research ancestors. Our Library & Research Center provides a wide variety of information covering many countries, articles on vital statistics, military records, immigration, mapping records and many other areas of research.
Our Bylaws Amended 7 Nov 2015

Operating Year: January - December 2019

President: Jay Fonkert
Vice President: Shirleen Hoffman
Secretary: Kristie Strum
Treasurer: Melva Cain
Executive Committee
President: Jay Fonkert
Vice President: Shirleen Hoffman
Secretary: Kristie Strum
Treasurer: Melva Cain
Member-at-large: Vacant
Immediate Past-President: Linda Westrom
Director--term ends 2019: Cathy Naborowski
Director--term ends 2019: Mr. Curtis Loschy
Director--term ends 2019: Jan-Marie McCabe
Director--term ends 2019: David Suddarth
Director--term ends 2020: Elizabeth Gomoll
Director--term ends 2020: Denise Breault
Director--term ends 2020: Joel Watne
Director--term ends 2020: Robert Johnson
Awards & Volunteer Recognition: Denise Breault
Branch Council: Jay Fonkert
Bylaws, Policies and Procedure: Kristie Strum
Communications and Marketing: Bert Jones
Education: Robert Johnson
Finance: Jan-Marie McCabe
Financial Review: Joel Watne
Library: Cathy Naborowski
Library Volunteers/Scheduler: Mark Hartnett
Membership: Peg Stainer
MN Genealogist CoEditor1: Jay Fonkert
MN Genealogist CoEditor2: Elizabeth Gomoll
MN Genealogist CoEditor3: Robert Johnson
Newsletter Editor: Bert Jones
Nominating: Linda Westrom
Operations: Joel Watne
Research: Robin Macgregor
Technology: Pam Videen
Writing Contest: Sue Kratsch
Webmaster: Bob Rowe