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Several interest groups have formed to focus on unique genealogical interests or problems in a specialized research area or ethnicity.

All Interest Groups are directly affiliated with the Minnesota Genealogy Society. Therefore, regular attendance to Interest Group meetings requires membership in the Minnesota Genealogical Society. You may certainly attend up to two meetings without being a member to see if the group is of interest to you. 

All changes and updates to the following information should be sent to the webmaster@mngs.org

Interest Group Name Contact Information
Canadian Interest Group

Contact: mncig.info@gmail.com 
Website: http://www.mncig.org
Location: MGS Library unless otherwise noted.
Library staffing: the 3rd Saturday of each month from 10 - 1
Ruth Charest, Surname File Resources, available on Canadian Saturdays or by appointment.

DNA Interest Group Contact: dnaig@mngs.org
The DNA Interest Group provides a forum for discussion and learning about DNA testing and its uses for genealogists and family history enthusiasts.
The group meets monthly and has a Facebook group
Writing Interest Group Contact: mlund8307@yahoo.com
A group sharing approach to writing a family story.

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