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Welcome to the Minnesota Genealogical Society, Minnesota's largest and most comprehensive family history research organization. Whether you have Minnesota connections or not, we invite you to join us in pursuit of your family history. 
We are a 100% Volunteer organization. Delays may occur when sending requests. For LibraryHours, please see our Library Page.

Yes, MGS is moving!

MGS will be moving starting October 16th to the new space at 1385 Mendota Heights Road, Suite 100, Mendota Heights, MN 55120.     The first part of the move is to install the shelving in the library, then move all the books – some 30,000 of them – and then the offices, tables and chairs for the conference rooms and other furniture for the reception area.
The new phone number is 651-330-9312
The WJH Library and Research Center will close after business hours on Saturday, October 14 and reopen after Thanksgiving.  There are a lot of boxes which have to be packed and then unpacked.  A professional moving company will be moving the books and furniture, but many file cabinets have to be emptied and packed into boxes.  If you would be able/willing to help with packing or unpacking, please email libvolunteers@mngs.org and we will get details to you.
Although the WJH Library and Research Center will be closed, there will still be many meetings going on in the Conference Rooms, so please check the Event Calendar on the MGS website for where and when those will be held.

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October 28
English-Welsh Interest Group Meeting
The group will NOT meet in October but will attend the 2017 Hennepin County Library Family History Fair — please volunteer to help at the table!

October 28
Family History Fair
Get all the details on their website   You may even wish to go straight to there Registration Page

November 1
The Holiday Talk: Get to Know Your Family's History
  Description: Each year as families gather for holiday dinners, the opportunity for discovering our own roots presents itself. Discover methods to learn about your family’s ancestral connections and traditions through family activities. Learn about the top 3 ways to share ...

November 4
Legacy Users Group
Join us December 2nd from 9 to noon at the new place.

November 4
A Yankee Thanksgiving
The Yankee Genealogical Society will present an oportunity to learn about researching Mayflower ancestors, who can join Mayflower Society, and how the Society can help with your research. Panel Participants: Lorrie Link, Minnesota State Historian, Mayflower Society; Lois Mackin; and Linda Camp. ...