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Welcome to the Minnesota Genealogical Society, Minnesota's largest and most comprehensive family history research organization. Whether you have Minnesota connections or not, we invite you to join us in pursuit of your family history. 
We are a 100% Volunteer organization. Delays may occur when sending requests. For LibraryHours, please see our Library Page.

MGS Dues to Increase

Membership dues for the Society have remained the same for many years! We need to increase our dues effictive Jan 1, 2018.
Individual 1-year membership will be USD 40.00 (from USD 35.00).

Family 1-year membership will be USD 60.00 (from USD 45.00).

Young Adult 1-year membership will be USD 20.00 (from USD 18.00).

A 1-year Subscription to the MGS Journal (no other membership benefits) will be USD 25.00 (from USD 20.00).

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January 20
Honoring the Stories behind the Stuff
  Description:  We all have "The Box" of photos and memorabilia. In this class we will teach you a process for sorting through your box, while still honoring the memories they represent; and provide creative and space-saving tips to ...

February 7
The Everyday Life of Our Ancestors
  Description: Our ancestors led lives, just like we do -- only different. Using our lives as an example, how can we parallel our lives to theirs? They ate and drank, married and had families, dressed, had trades and occupations, practiced ...

February 14
Genealogy Problem Solving
  Description: All of us hit a brick wall, but there may be resources out there that you don’t know about. Bring your genealogy problem to the class!   Presenter: Lin Strong is the President of the Ostfriesen Genealogical Society ...

February 17
Researching Maps and Land Records
  Description: Locating your family using Maps and Land Records – How to read plat maps and use the clues in maps and records to find your ancestral properties and migration routes.   Presenter: Cathi Weber has been researching her ...

February 17
Romanian Genealogy Society Meeting
“Naturalization Records” by Cathi Weber Did your immigrant ancestor become an American citizen? Learn about clues to find the records.   Cathi Weber has been researching her family for over 35 years and started NorthStar Genealogy to help others ...